Thursday, February 24, 2011

Homeowners Defrauded

As a little girl, my Mom used to preach to me that "crime does not pay." To take it even a step further, she said, "if you're gonna be a criminal, you better make it big. Don't spend your time in jail over something small. A million bucks would be a good start!" Now I don't want you to think my Mother (one of the straightest arrows I ever knew) was advocating for a life of crime! Quite the opposite....I believe in those Happy Days of the '60's she was trying to set the bar so high it just looked unattainable!

Well it seems she should have set that bar higher. In this article it seems some criminals in the mortgage market were able to break through my Mother's barrier and defraud home buyers and distressed property owners of millions of dollars. Take a read:

These are interesting times in the real estate market, and Salem, OR real estate isn't immune from these sorts of scams. Don't ever hesitate to call our office if you're a first time homebuyer or a current homeowner with any question you might have about real estate or mortgage offers.

Enjoy the snow!